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Discount Migrations to NetDocuments

Move to NetDocuments With Ease

Terms and Conditions

During the month of February, 2022, the Universal Migrator software engineering team will perform data and document migrations into NetDocuments on the following flat-fee scale:

  • $2,500 base fee

  • +$1,000 per 1,000,000 documents

Subject to availability, this offer may be exercised by any law firm using any of the 50+ Universal Migrator extractable platforms.  The organization must be prepared to migrate within 30 days of exercising this offer and shall necessitate providing Universal Migrator acceptable and timely access to all documents to be migrated.

New to Universal Migrator?

Universal Migrator facilitates seamless document and data migrations from 50+ different systems.

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Are free licenses really free?

No - but they are to you.

The costs for all licenses issued by this offer are full subsidized by ourselves and our agreement with NetDocuments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can law firms get free Universal Migrator licenses?

Free licenses are only available to NetDocuments consultants.

If your firm is already working with a consultant, ask them to claim this offer on your behalf.

Do I have to move to NetDocuments?

No, but the licenses available through this offer may not be used to onboard into another platform.

Can I get more than one license?

Yes - you may receive up to one license per day.

When is support available and who do I contact if I need support?

Support is generally available through Zoom Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM with pre-scheduled weekend availability.

We provide all support directly which can be scheduled via this link.

Can multiple people in my organization get licenses?

Yes - each person in your organization may reserve one free license per day.

Can I exchange, swap, sell, or transfer licenses that I receive?

No - licenses cannot be swapped or exchanged and are for you and you alone.

What happens if I need a license after April 15?

Contact Us and we may be able to grant you a no-cost or low-cost extension.

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