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Migrate from NEOS

Universal Migrator makes leaving NEOS easy.

What migrates from NEOS?

Universal Migrator transfers all the following data and more.

Firm Data

Practice Areas


Contact Addresses: Email Addresses
Contact Addresses: Postal Addresses
Contact Addresses: Phone Numbers
Contact Addresses: Social Media Accounts
Contact Custom Field Values
Contact Notes


Document Categories

Calendar & Events

Calendar Entry Categories
Calendar Entries
Calendar Entries <=> Participating User Relationships
Calendar Entries <=> Related Calendar Entry Categories
Calendar Entries <=> Related Matter Relationships

Need More?

More Available on Request

Custom Fields

Custom Field Definitions
Contact Custom Field Values


Matter Notes
Matters <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Matters <=> Participating User Relationships


Communications <=> Matter Relationships
Communications <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Communications <=> Participating User Relationships

Tasks & To-Dos

Task Entries
Task Entries <=> Assigned to User Relationships
Task Entries <=> Related Matter Relationships

Where can I migrate NEOS to?

Animated Chevron (1).gif
Animated Chevron (1).gif

Your app not listed?  Request a new destination.

What a Migration Specialist Should Know



NEOS is a:

Browser-Based Application

This means that firm members can typically access NEOS from anywhere with an internet connection. When they need to use NEOS, they enter NEOS credentials into a NEOS website and are able to access all their data from there.

Universal Migrator extracts data from NEOS via:

Non-API Connections

The following credentials are required:

Admin NEOS Credentials (Dedicated)

The Migration Specialist will need an Administrator username and password into NEOS in order to extract data.
This account must be fully dedicated to the Migration Consultant for the duration of the migration. If anyone else logs into this account, it will interrupt the migration.

The computer used to migrate from NEOS:

Can be located Anywhere

Because data is extracted from NEOS via the internet, the migration can be run from any suitable location.

The following people are required for a migration from NEOS:

Migration Specialist

The Migration Specialist is the person who will be performing this migration. They may be a member of Universal Migrator's own Internal Migration Team or any IT professional who has completed the Universal Consultant training program.

Firm Administrator

The Firm Administrator is a member of the law firm who can serve as a dedicated point of contact, make decisions, and answer any questions the Migration Consultant may have. This person should be readily available and is typically the managing partner or office manager of the firm.

In order to migrate from NEOS:

The Firm Administrator must complete a User Mapping spreadsheet.

A member of the firm will need to complete a small spreadsheet mapping users from NEOS to users in the new system.

To migrate from NEOS, the Migration Specialist needs:

A Universal Migrator Subscription

Migration tools for NEOS are available to:

Universal Migrator's Internal Migration Team

IT Professionals with an active Gold Migration Specialist certification

IT Professionals with an active Silver Migration Specialist certification

What Should I Expect When Migrating?

Have more questions?  Get in-depth answers from a member of our team.

Migrate like MedTech.

Migrate like MedTech.

Have you ever wondered how competing hospital systems running different software applications seamlessly transfer millions of complex medical records every single day?
Universal Migrator uses the same approach to facilitate seamless data migrations for law firms.

Zero Downtime.

Zero Downtime.

Universal Migrator is facilitates seamless migrations. You will never be unable to work and will always have access to all your data through the migration experience.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

Universal Migrator uses a "playbook" to facilitate seamless migrations.
This means computers follow the exact same steps every single time.

Zero Headaches.

Zero Headaches.

Universal Migrator has helped thousands of firms transition between platforms.
Our battle-tested experience guarantees a pain-free experience.

Universal Migrator transfers Big & Small Firms

Universal Migrator handles projects of all sizes.

1000+ Attorneys

300,000 Documents

100+ Staff

100+ Staff

4 Staff

8 Staff

800,000+ Documents

7 Locations

14 Locations

2 Locations

4 Locations

10,000,000+ Documents

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