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Migrate Into SQLite Universal DB

Universal Migrator accelerates and automates migrating into SQLite.

All these Apps migrate to SQLite

We add new systems all the time.  Need a different one?  Contact Us.

What migrates into SQLite?

Universal Migrator transfers all the following data and more.

Firm Data

Practice Areas
User Categories
User Categories <=> Participating User Relationships
Text Snippets
Text Snippets <=> User Assignments
Note Categories


Contact Addresses: Email Addresses
Contact Addresses: Postal Addresses
Contact Addresses: Phone Numbers
Contact Addresses: Websites
Contact Addresses: Social Media Accounts
Contact <=> Contact Relationships
Contact Custom Field Values
Contact Notes
Contact Trust Account Balances
Contact Categories
Contact Categories <=> Participating Contact Relationships

Billing / AR

Contact Trust Account Balances
Matter Trust Account Balances
Invoices - Payments
Invoices - Payments - Allocations
Invoices <=> Contact Relationships
Invoices <=> Matter Relationships
Time Entry Templates
Time Entry Custom Field Values
Time Entries (Billed)
Time Entries (Unbilled)
Expense Entry Templates
Expense Entry Custom Field Values
Expense Entries (Billed)
Expense Entries (Unbilled)
Flat Fee Activity Templates
Flat Fees (Billed)
Flat Fees (Unbilled)
Rate Classes
Rate Classes <=> Matter Relationships
Rate Classes <=> Participating User Relationships


Communications <=> Document Relationships (Attachments)
Communications <=> Matter Relationships
Communications <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Communications <=> Participating Email Address Relationships
Communications <=> Participating User Relationships

Tasks & To-Dos

Task Entries
Task Entry Custom Field Values
Task Entries <=> Assigned to Contact Relationships
Task Entries <=> Assigned to User Relationships
Task Entries <=> Related Contact Relationships
Task Entries <=> Related Matter Relationships

Need More?

More Available on Request

Custom Fields

Custom Field Definitions
Custom Field Picklist Items
Custom Field Groups
Custom Field Groups <=> Related Custom Field Definitions
Contact Custom Field Values
Matter Custom Field Values
Time Entry Custom Field Values
Expense Entry Custom Field Values
Document Custom Field Values (aka Profile Attributes)
Calendar Entry Custom Field Values
Task Entry Custom Field Values


Matter Stages
Matter Custom Field Values
Matter Notes
Matter Trust Account Balances
Matters <=> Originating Contact Relationships
Matters <=> Originating User Relationships
Matters <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Matters <=> Participating User Relationships


Document Categories
Document Comments
Document Custom Field Values (aka Profile Attributes)
Document Versions: Current Version
Document Versions: Previous Versions
Document Version Comments

Calendar & Events

Calendar Entry Categories
Calendar Entries
Calendar Entry Custom Field Values
Calendar Entries <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Calendar Entries <=> Participating Email Addresses
Calendar Entries <=> Participating User Relationships
Calendar Entries <=> Related Calendar Entry Categories
Calendar Entries <=> Related Contact Relationships
Calendar Entries <=> Related Matter Relationships


Reminders <=> Participating Contact Relationships
Reminders <=> Participating Email Address Relationships
Reminders <=> Participating User Relationships
Reminders <=> Related Calendar Entries
Reminders <=> Related Task Entries

What Should I Expect When Migrating?

Have more questions?  Get in-depth answers from a member of our team.

Migrate like MedTech.

Migrate like MedTech.

Have you ever wondered how competing hospital systems running different software applications seamlessly transfer millions of complex medical records every single day?
Universal Migrator uses the same approach to facilitate seamless data migrations for law firms.

Zero Downtime.

Zero Downtime.

Universal Migrator is facilitates seamless migrations. You will never be unable to work and will always have access to all your data through the migration experience.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

Universal Migrator uses a "playbook" to facilitate seamless migrations.
This means computers follow the exact same steps every single time.

Zero Headaches.

Zero Headaches.

Universal Migrator has helped thousands of firms transition between platforms.
Our battle-tested experience guarantees a pain-free experience.

Universal Migrator transfers Big & Small Firms

Universal Migrator handles projects of all sizes.

4 Staff

100+ Staff

7 Locations

14 Locations

800,000+ Documents

300,000 Documents

10,000,000+ Documents

4 Locations

8 Staff

100+ Staff

2 Locations

1000+ Attorneys