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Migrate from Worldox

Universal Migrator makes leaving Worldox easy.

What migrates from Worldox?

Universal Migrator transfers all the following data and more.

Firm Data





Document Categories
Document Custom Field Values (aka Profile Attributes)
Document Versions: Current Version
Document Versions: Previous Versions
Document Version Comments

Custom Fields

Custom Field Definitions
Custom Field Picklist Items
Document Custom Field Values (aka Profile Attributes)



Need More?

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Where can I migrate Worldox to?

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Your app not listed?  Request a new destination.

What a Migration Specialist Should Know



Worldox is a:

Desktop-Based Application

This means Worldox typically runs as desktop software within the firm's office on employee PCs, however, some firms may use an IT provider that hosts Worldox on a remote server in a remote datacenter. In this scenario, firm members may RDP, TeamViewer, RemoteApp, or Screen Connect to a remote PC where they access Worldox. In this scenario, some people may say that Worldox runs 'in the cloud', however, it is really just a desktop application running on someone else's equipment.

Universal Migrator extracts data from Worldox via:

CSV Exports

Other Notes:

Contact Name Assist

In Worldox, some contacts only have a "Full Name" field and nothing absolutely identifies it as being a person or a company. Universal Migrator will attempt to determine whether a name looks like a person's name or a company name. The Migration Specialist and the Firm Administrator should review this and make any tweaks if necessary.

Document Name Humanization

In Worldox's backend, documents often have illegible file names like "1357219.pdf". Universal Migrator will automatically humanize these names to familiar ones, like "Motion for Private Process.pdf", ensuring firm members see the same human-readable names post-migration as they do when viewing documents directly through Worldox.

The following credentials are required:

Admin Worldox Credentials

The Migration Specialist will need an Administrator username and password into Worldox in order to extract your data.

Admin Credentials into the Worldox File Server

The Migration Specialist will need the Administrator username and password into the Worldox file server in order to extract your documents.
This should be the Administrator account and not another account that has administrative access.

The computer used to migrate from Worldox:

Should be located near the Documents

Because Worldox is a desktop-based application, if documents are being transferred, the computer used for the migration should be near the same device that stores the documents.

The following people are required for a migration from Worldox:

Migration Specialist

The Migration Specialist is the person who will be performing this migration. They may be a member of Universal Migrator's own Internal Migration Team or any IT professional who has completed the Universal Consultant training program.

Firm Administrator

The Firm Administrator is a member of the law firm who can serve as a dedicated point of contact, make decisions, and answer any questions the Migration Consultant may have. This person should be readily available and is typically the managing partner or office manager of the firm.

Firm IT Administrator

The Firm IT Administrator is the person responsible for setting up and managing the firm's IT equipment. Sometimes this is an employee of the firm but usually this is an employee of a third-party IT services provider.

In order to migrate from Worldox:

The Firm Administrator must complete a User Mapping spreadsheet.

A member of the firm will need to complete a small spreadsheet mapping users from Worldox to users in the new system.

To migrate from Worldox, the Migration Specialist needs:

A Universal Migrator Subscription

Remote Access Software (if migrating Documents)

Migration tools for Worldox are available to:

Universal Migrator's Internal Migration Team

IT Professionals with an active Gold Migration Specialist certification

IT Professionals with an active Silver Migration Specialist certification

IT Professionals with an active Bronze Migration Specialist certification

What Should I Expect When Migrating?

Have more questions?  Get in-depth answers from a member of our team.

Migrate like MedTech.

Migrate like MedTech.

Have you ever wondered how competing hospital systems running different software applications seamlessly transfer millions of complex medical records every single day?
Universal Migrator uses the same approach to facilitate seamless data migrations for law firms.

Zero Downtime.

Zero Downtime.

Universal Migrator is facilitates seamless migrations. You will never be unable to work and will always have access to all your data through the migration experience.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

Universal Migrator uses a "playbook" to facilitate seamless migrations.
This means computers follow the exact same steps every single time.

Zero Headaches.

Zero Headaches.

Universal Migrator has helped thousands of firms transition between platforms.
Our battle-tested experience guarantees a pain-free experience.

Universal Migrator transfers Big & Small Firms

Universal Migrator handles projects of all sizes.

1000+ Attorneys

300,000 Documents

100+ Staff

100+ Staff

4 Staff

8 Staff

800,000+ Documents

7 Locations

14 Locations

2 Locations

4 Locations

10,000,000+ Documents

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