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Migrate From

Tabs3 Accounts Payable to SQLite Universal DB

What data migrates?

Universal Migrator transfers all the following data and more.

Custom Fields

Custom Field Definitions
Contact Custom Field Values

Need More?

More Available on Request


Contact Addresses: Email Addresses
Contact Addresses: Postal Addresses
Contact Addresses: Phone Numbers
Contact Custom Field Values

What Should I Expect When Migrating?

Have more questions?  Get in-depth answers from a member of our team.

Migrate like MedTech.

Have you ever wondered how competing hospital systems running different software applications seamlessly transfer millions of complex medical records every single day?
Universal Migrator uses the same approach to facilitate seamless data migrations for law firms.

Zero Downtime.

Universal Migrator is facilitates seamless migrations. You will never be unable to work and will always have access to all your data through the migration experience.

No Mistakes - No Human Error - Ever.

Universal Migrator uses a "playbook" to facilitate seamless migrations.
This means computers follow the exact same steps every single time.

Zero Headaches.

Universal Migrator has helped thousands of firms transition between platforms.
Our battle-tested experience guarantees a pain-free experience.

What will the migration process look like?

Have more questions?  Get in-depth answers from a member of our team.

Quick Migration

(0-2 days but may vary)

Once the migration starts, migrations from this system tend to complete very quickly. During this time, your firm may still look at your legacy system but no data should be added or modified. Migrations taking longer than a few hours often take place during the evening or over weekends.

Firm Decision Maker

A member of your firm should serve as a dedicated point of contact who can make decisions and answer any questions your migration consultant may have. This person should be readily available and is typically the firm administrator or office manager.

Low Firm Preparation

(<1 day but may vary)

Your firm will need to commit a minimal amount of time answering questions/coordinating with your migration consultant.

Data Backup

Your migration consultant will need a backup of this app's data.

Migration Workstation

Your migration, your IT provider will need to provision a dedicated Migration Workstation for exclusive use by your migration consultant (it cannot be shared by other staff members). It should be a robust computer with a high-speed connection to the internet and any other relevant services.

Server Access

Your IT provider will need to enable administrator access to your server for your migration consultant.

Database Server Access

Your IT provider will need to enable administrator access to your database server for your migration consultant.

Junior Consultant Required

Migrations from this system are suitable for intermediate migration consultants.

Low Consultant Preparation

(0-2 days but may vary)

Your migration consultant will generally need a short period of time to prepare for your migration. During this period of time, your firm continues to use your old system as normal.

Full Convert

(Consultant Software)

Because this application is so old, your migration consultant will need Full Convert by Spectral Core in order to convert this application's database into a modern format.


(Consultant Software)

Your migration consultant will generally need remote access software (we recommend TeamViewer) in order to work with copies of your firm's data.

Starting at $2500 + Consultant Fees

Migrations from this system typically include a $2500 license fee for Universal Migrator in addition to any fees your migration consultant may charge. Depending on the system you are migrating into, this charge may be partially or fully subsidized for you.

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